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Green Labs / WiBBE Event April 16th, 2023

Past Events 2023

WiBBE March 2023 Social Event


WiBBE Event - Tasha 3
Credit: Tasha Cammidge

WiBBE Event - Jasmine Emtage 1
Credit: Jasmine Emtage

Women in BBE (WiBBE) has invited Green Labs and one of our partners in sustainability, USA Scientific, to host a WiBBE social event March 16th! This is an amazing opportunity to meet other awesome women* in BBE, as well as learn about Green Labs and lab sustainability. USA Scientific is planning an activity to re-pot succulents into old pipette boxes! Anyone who identifies as a woman* is welcome to attend!

* We use an inclusive definition of "woman" and "female" and we welcome trans women, genderqueer women and non-binary people. We believe in supporting the many intersections of our members' identities, such as (but not limited to) race, sexual orientation, gender expression, socioeconomic class, and immigrant/indigenous status.

Green Labs Lightning Talks April 28, 2023

Lightning Event

Lightning Talk Presenters
Presenters for Green Labs Lightning Event April 28 From L to R: Marina Lecoueche, Jason Isaac, Brianna Garcia, Chandrika Konwar, Kate Malecek, James Linton, Manisha Kapasiawala, Vera Beilinson (not pictured: Tasha Cammidge, Sarah Torres) Credit: Sarah Torres

Raffle Winner Ping Dong
Lightning Talks Raffle winner Ping Dong! Credit: Tasha Cammidge

Green Labs hosted Lightning Talks on Friday, April 28th, to learn about sustainable initiatives in BBE. Download the poster here!

In this zero-waste event, Green Labs partnered with Genesee to provide food, sustainable giveaways, and great conversations surrounding sustainable labs! We invited presenters or attendees to a session of 3-minute talks highlighting lab efficiency and sustainability initiatives labs have implemented (or would like to implement)! Everyone was welcome to attend this event.

* Please note we have extended the deadline for submission of presentation slides to April 24th. Presenters will be gifted a free RocketBook!

Green Labs Certification Challenge - Earth Day, April 22, 2023

Certification Event Poster

Green Labs challenged labs to finish their Green Labs Certification by Earth Day, April 22nd! If your lab was Certified by Earth Day, your lab will be invited to come have a sweet treat on us to celebrate your sustainability excellence!

To get certified, finish the easy, 30-minute Green Labs Certification and submit it to sustainability@caltech.edu.

Upon submission your lab will become Green Labs Certified! Your lab will be awarded a brag-worthy Green Labs Certified plaque to post outside your lab spaces. Labs that complete the Green Labs Certification can also expect to receive support from Green Labs, the division, as well as select vendors. Certified labs also have access to items such as free recycling bins, signage, and exclusive Green Labs events.