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Green Labs Action Plan

Green Labs 2023 Action Plan

Energy Efficiency - Freezer 2
Energy Efficiency Action Items

1. Develop "stop sign" signage for equipment to indicate if equipment should never be turned off (red), if someone should ask before turning off the equipment (yellow), or if equipment should turned off when done (green)
2. Develop ULT freezer information to encourage adjustment from -80°C to -70°C
3. Investigate usefulness of outlet timers to reduce energy usage during times when equipment may be turned off (for example: a timer would turn off water baths at night and turn them on again at a time designated the following morning that ensures an ample warming up period before people arrive)

Poppy with Bee
Water Conservation Action Items

1. Investigate autoclave usage behaviours and identify areas where labs could be encouraged to use autoclaves only when full, only once a week instead of multiple times, and/or share an autoclave with another lab
2. Collect resources about autoclave retrofits including costs, energy and water usage before and after installation, and strategize about implementation of retrofits
3. Investigate utilization of water restrictors for taps in lab spaces

Green Lab Action Shot - Recycling Bins for Guide
Waste Reduction Action Items

1. Develop a styrofoam and tip box recycling program including investigations into where recycling/share points are most needed
2. Ask researchers about interest in an ice pack recycling program
3. Develop consistent, lab-specific recycling signage for lab recycling bins
4. Develop an online Recycling Guide that will inform what can be recycled, as well as indicate what procedures need to be followed to recycle items safely
5. Encourage sustainable food options at BBE and other lab functions, including production of a Guide with sustainable and vegetarian restaurants, and coordinate with vendors to get discounts from these restaurants

Sustainable Purchasing - Office Supplies 5
Sustainable Procurement Action Items

1. Develop a Sustainable Purchasing Guide based on lab needs for eco-friendly purchasing, and work with Purchasing for implementation
2. Vendor outreach and event(s) with vendors known for sustainable products
3. Investigate vendor incentive programs and opportunities for sustainable purchasing (including of products that may be more expensive than traditional products)
4. Develop equipment and chemical share program, perhaps in the form of an email listserv similar to Marketplace

Red Tree
Communications and Outreach Action Items

1. Work on outreach, including writing newsletters for the BBE quarterly email, IonCaltech, and Caltech Weekly, posting newsletters and resources on the Green Labs Website, and investigate other outreach avenues
2. Promote Green Labs Certification Program by encouraging the submission of the quick assessment scorecard, and assess the scorecard tool to improve follow-through of submissions

resources 3
Resource Development Action Items

1. Develop a website including the consolidation of relevant resources that is user-friendly and easily accessible to everyone at Caltech
2. Develop an Action Plan including relevant areas of interest and our plans for implementing such plans
3. Develop a Green Labs Guide to inform researchers of (often free!) simple tips and tricks to make their labs more sustainable
4. Develop Recycling Signage for labs
5. Hire a full-time Green Labs Coordinator by 2024 by asking BBE and other Divisions to set aside funding for such a role, as this employee would work with all Divisions, EHS, security, procurement, new faculty etc., to encourage the growth and staying power of Green Labs initiatives