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Green Labs Certification

Prof. Sternberg gives his Green Labs Certification two thumbs up!

Green Labs Certification Challenge

Certification Event Poster November 2024
Credit: Tasha Cammidge

Green Labs is challenging labs to finish their Green Labs Certification! If your lab is Certified by November 29, your lab will be invited to come have a sweet treat on us to celebrate your sustainability excellence!

Green Labs Certified Labs

Certification Level Lab
Platinum Certification Berkeley Lights Beacon Instrument Facility
Gold Certification Biological Imaging Facility in the Beckman Institute
Gold Certification Bjorkman Lab
Silver Certification Chou Lab
Platinum Certification Elowitz Lab
Gold Certification Faber Lab
Platinum Certification Gradinaru Lab
Silver Certification Hoffmann Lab
Platinum Certification Karthikeyan Lab
Gold Certification Kornfield Lab
Gold Certification Lois Lab
Platinum Certification Mazmanian Lab
Platinum Certification Newman Lab
Gold Certification Ondrus Lab
Gold Certification Orphan Lab
Silver Certification Parker Lab
Platinum Certification Prober Lab
Gold Certification Stathopoulos Lab
Gold Certification Sternberg Lab
Gold Certification Voorhees Lab
Silver Certification Wang Lab